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A step forward in Performance

The desire for continual re-invention hasn't just produced a car that's stylistically advanced, it's produced one with outstanding performance too. With surefooted handling, sharp response and outstanding feedback from the road, Veloster takes driving inti a new realm. For Durability, Veloster's engines are constructed from solid aluminium blocks. They are lightweight to reduce fuel consumption, efficient, quite and produce low emissions. The motor driven power steering improves the steering performance and cuts down on driver fatigue

6 Speed Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) 1.6 GDi Gasoline Engine

The 6 speed double clutch transmission (DCT) features a new shift pattern and blends dynamic performance with outstanding fuel economy.

The technologically advanced Gamma 1.6 GDi engine generates 140 ps at 6300 rpm.

Enhanced Noise Reduction Techniques

Enhanced noise reduction techniques throughout Veloster further improve the drive. These counteract the effects of wind noise at high speeds and damp vibration when the engine is idling.

McPherson strut technology in the front wheels delivers excellent handling and cushioning.
The key and ball-type synchromesh and optimized gear tooth forms result in a 6 speed manual transmission that is slick and efficient