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Arrive Safely

With its own captive steel manufacturing division, Hyundai knows steel like no other automaker. Applying that knowledge to CRETA has resulted in the safest possible body structure. The use of advanced high strength steel in CRETA's body structure has been increased to 20 percent-the highest ratio in the segment. The result is an incredibly rigid body that can safely absorb crash impact forces like no other.

6 Airbag System Electronic Stability Control

The latest depowered-type front airbags serve the driver and front seat passenger. Side airbags protect the thorax and pelvic areas of the driver and front seat passenger. Curtain airbags provide head protection across the side window areas.

Using inputs from multiple sensors including vehicle speed and performing thousands of calculations per second, ESC regulates engine output and adjusts braking power over individual wheels to prevent the loss of directional control.

Built Strong

Creta boasts of a strong body structure, made with ultra high strength steel (UHSS) and advanced high strength steel (AHSS). Structural rigidity is further enhanced with high strength welding at the joints and 5-bar cross members on the roof for enhanced roof strength.

When stopped on a steep hill and releasing the brake to begin acceleration, HAC automatically takes over and eliminates the worry of accidentally rolling backwards. (Included with ESC).
In a panic braking situation, one or more wheels may lose traction which leads to a loss of directional control. ABS applies braking power over individual wheels to help the driver maintain full directional control of the vehicle.
(Engine room, B&C Pillar) to reduce side impact and improve durability.
For reduced frontal crash impact and improved ride and handling.
For improved body endurance and corrosion durability. Lighter body for better mileage.
For reducing frontal crash impact.
For improved NVH and body rigidity for better ride and handling.
For enhanced roof strength.
To maintain directional stability when driver applies brakes or accelerates suddenly under asymmetric (wet/dry) road surface conditions.
With rear view camera display on AVN and steering Adaptive guidelines to help in tight spaces.