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Design Highlights


Creta Makes More Possible

CRETA really does make more possible. First, it gives you big car roominess and versatility but without the big car price. And second, it drives just like a sedan and feels just as comfortable thanks to its spacious, well-appointed interior. Its high seating position promotes a feeling of safety and security inspiring greater confidence. CRETA really does open up the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Tyres Static Bending Lights Rear Lamps

Good looking steel wheels are standard but for a more exclusive look, consider the 16- and 17-inch alloy wheel options. Their lighter weight enhances handling and fuel efficiency and they really raise your game.

Employing LEDs, these lights improve visibility and safety by following every turn of the wheel to illuminate dark spots not covered by the headlamps.

Strikingly large and handsome tail lights feature a split-type design for maximum brilliance and durability. They also incorporate clear lenses for the back-up lights.

Confident Style

Seating five in high style and in decent comfort, CRETA doesn't leave much to be desired. Whether in basic GL trim or the premium GLS, CRETA packs more standard features than the competition and proves that good things really do come in small packages.

Chrome garnish creates an upscale look and is exclusive to the GLS while in GL trim, the garnish matches the body color for an equally impressive presentation.
Visibility and safety are greatly enhanced by embedding LED side repeaters into the side mirrors.
Sporting a lustrous chrome finish, CRETA’s hexagonal grille tells the world it’s a Hyundai.
To maximize light penetration, the lamps feature clear lenses and are mounted as low to the ground as possible.
Two-tone housing adds a touch of ruggedness. LED repeater, power adjustment and folding feature are optional.
Rear and front skid plates serve to protect and provide a pleasant aesthetic balance.
Chrome coated door handles project a nice upscale touch. Bundled with the Smart Key.
Rear wiper improves visibility and comes with a convenient intermittent switch.
Rear spoiler enhances aerodynamics and includes a high-mounted stop lamp for better visibility.
The built-in roof rack adds to CRETA’s versatility and reinforces its sporty character.
The windscreen, side windows and backlite are tinted on both trim levels to reduce glare and thermal loading.